New page - Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme

We've uploaded another page to the main site: our piece about Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme (just click the green link to go straight there!).

Evan Rachel Wood Chris Evans Gucci Guilty Black

The advertising campaign is a sizzler - it's practically x-rated when Captain America himself - oops, we mean Chris Evans - gets in the back of the Jag with Evan Rachel Wood, and what with the graphic novel-inspired backdrop, the pouring rain, the black and white with glowing Italian red and green, the insane car chase, the classic car... well, it sets us up for what we expect to be a damn fine and racy cologne.

The reality is much more disappointing.  Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme starts fresh but degenerates swiftly into something less impressive.  Click the link, see what we thought, and if you like what we wrote, please share it!